Protection of objects

Highly trained security staff of “Sardar” Special Security Center”  are able to ensure safety of stationary objects of any kind.

Given the nature of the object, object security staff is selected, with further providing them with special means, necessary weapons and communication equipment, developing necessary instructions.

The tasks for stationary objects security include the following:

• ensuring safety of properties;
• ensuring access control for employees, and visitors;
• ensuring intrabuilding control, territory patrolling;
• other tasks assigned by Customer.

Depending on situation in region, designated purpose, and the importance of the object, security functions can be carried out by both unarmed security guards, and with the use of weapons and special equipment.

There are various modes of objects security:
- round-the-clock fixed composition security;
- round-the-clock security with night (day) strengthening;
- night or daytime mode.