Protection and maintenance of goods

LLP “Special Security Center "Sardar" operates in the field of security escorts of all types of cargo transported for rail, road and air transport on the territory of The Republic of Kazakhstan, the CIS and the Baltic States, if necessary possible protection and tracking of goods from foreign countries.

LLP "SSC" Sardar" has offices in Pavlodar, Aksu, Semey EKO EKO pgt.Ayagoz, pgt.Aktogay Almaty region, Dostyk (Druzhba) in Almaty, Aktobe region.

Employees LLP "SSC" Sardar" have a highly skilled training necessary for the protection and maintenance of various goods by all modes of transport and in all regions.

Conducted close cooperation with Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Internal Affairs, LOVDT, Militarized railway guard, in the prevention of offenses involving theft of goods. Has acquired great experience with the staff and management of railway stations along the routes of support.

Employees LLP "SSC" Sardar" have the permission required documents

to find in parks and railway stations in finding out the working section of the locomotive at the time of the protection and maintenance of cargo, secured agreements with the relevant departments of the railway KTZ and RZD.

For the employees of all the conditions for quality work is the presence of bases in various regions of Kazakhstan. three hot and extra food. conditions for personal hygiene and proper rest is sleeping accommodation and recreation room.

At the time, support and protection of cargoes over long distances on the territory of CIS countries outfit ensured boxcar train car equipped with everything necessary for a quality of this environment for cooking food, sleeping compartment, a place for personal hygiene.

Employees have the weapons, communications, and safety equipment. Each department LLP "SSC" Sardar" has a mobile teams provided official vehicles. Support group is composed of senior outfit, guard and driver outfit has weapons, means of communication. Group support should be on the official car for the rolling stock, all along the route and provides protection during parking and reshaping of railway stations.

Supported by rapid communications with the central office of the Company. Duty Officer at the central office of the Company during the duty day to track the whereabouts of employees, protect and accompany the goods regardless of the region in which they are located. Daily management of the Company also reported to the operational environment of the location of the cargo and personnel.

To accompany the most valuable and dangerous goods by road park LLP "SSC"Sardar" has a special armored vehicles. This vehicle is also activated to transport goods over long distances. We can provide your property safe and quality health.